Major Health Insurer Creates a Better Development Program Resulting in 3.5% Agent Productivity Savings

This top health insurer not only needed to raise the agent engagement bar, but also wanted to save time and money in the process.

What if you scheduled less training time but gave agents
more development opportunities?

• When agents resign, is “lack of training” a common complaint?
• Can you keep up with agents’ learning style preferences?
• How much scheduled training time is wasted on agents traveling back and forth to
meeting rooms?

Today, using Intradiem real-time automation, agents
have more development opportunities and are sitting idle less.
And the cost savings… $16.5 Million annually.

This Includes:
• 24/7 real-time service level monitoring while agents advance their skills
• A variety of courses and off-phone development activities
• Eliminating the need for WFM to schedule training