43% of Agents are Not Happy*

Don’t let your frontline feel isolated and ill-equipped to perform.  

What if you could easily turn this
trend around?

"52% of agents say companies don't do enough
to reduce stress and fatigue." *

Use real-time automation to engage agents in a positive way:

  • Deliver a well-deserved Surprise Break
  • Empower your agents with timely training
  • Protect agent break times from unexpected long calls

The world's top brands turn to real-time automation and see game
changing results for both agents and the business:

  • Global Hospitality Company: 90% of agents said, "Intradiem helps me do my job better."
    Also reported a 2% productivity improvement.

  • Top 5 Telecom: Reduced attrition WHILE cutting handle time by 24 seconds.
*Source: Health of the Contact Center: A New Report on Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era

Take cost out of your business with real-time automation